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“Large and small nonprofits alike have put what has been learned to immediate use.....Learning opportunities of this quality are few. And opportunities at this cost are nonexistent.”
Terry Worthington, President
United Way of Central Florida
Lakeland, FL

“The...(“Excellence”)series.....allowed us to help serve the needs of an audience eager for cost-effective professional development opportunities.”
Rick Schneider, General Manager
Public Television Station KNPB/5
Reno, NV

“The ideas, materials and resources that taking your course has opened up to me are proving invaluable as our organization matures.”
Heather Murphy, Executive Director
The Health Foundation
North Wilkesboro, NC

“This training series has been invaluable for the three of us from the program management team at Family Services Centers.”
Mary Jo Monahan, Deputy Director
Family Service Centers
Clearwater, FL

“The topics are the critical ones for effective and efficient nonprofit operation.”
Norm Dolch, Executive Director
American Humanics Program
Louisiana State University
Shreveport, LA

I am very impressed with the professionalism of this series. I have learned more in this series than I could in a University program in Non-Profit Management. Everything presented in the materials is relevant and practical to working in the non-profit arena. Thank you for offering this course."
Bonnie Roberts
A Family Place
Birmingham, Alabama

"The topics were well chosen and a good match for the issues and challenges that I grapple with on a daily basis...As a busy professional, constantly juggling work, family, and community responsibilities, I very much appreciated the convenience of the distance learning format."
Barbara Beckert
Milwaukee Jewish Council for Community Relations

“The Learning Institute programs have something to offer for any nonprofit staff member or volunteer at all levels of experience.”
Mark Wehrly
United Refugee Services of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

“Thank you for putting together such an excellent course. I look forward to recommending this program to others in our community.”
Tanya Roberts
Fort St. John, BC

“Each of the individual eight programs were certainly organized, fast paced and to the point. I feel that I was able to gain at least several points from each that were relevant to my situation.....I can see where this Certificate will grow in popularity and credibility and soon become a mark of distinction to have in the not-for-profit field.”
Robert Coons, President
Curative Rehabilitation Services
Milwaukee, WI

"This whole series of classes has helped me get through my 1st year as director of a non-profit. As a new director these topics have been a jumping off point for direction this year."
Sara Allen
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Colorado
Fort Collins, CO

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