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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I can't hear anything.  How do I turn up the volume?

First, check to make sure that your system/monitor has built-in speakers or that external speakers have been plugged into the appropriate jack.

Second, make sure that your system volume is turned up.  The system volume can normally be accessed by double clicking on a speaker icon that is located in the lower right corner of your desktop/screen (to the left of the clock).  Windows XP users may need to click on an arrow ( < ) to reveal this icon.  Once this is open, make sure that all settings are turned up and none of the "Mute" options have been selected.

Third, check your monitor, speakers, headphones, keyboard and/or case for any manual volume controls.  Make sure that these are turned up, and any "Mute" options have been turned off.

Finally, check the volume on the LI video screen.  This volume control is at the bottom of the Microsoft Media Player (“Video Only” mode) or under the video screen (“Video + Presentation” mode).

Why is the video screen blank, distorted, or not running smoothly?

The video presentation has been developed with a variety of systems and connection methods in mind.  When launching the video presentation, you are given 10 different "Connection Speed" options.  Each of these options requires a varying level of system and connection resources.  If you are experiencing any problems with the video screen, try selecting an option with a lower "Resource Level" indicator.

Windows Vista Users: The video codec that we use for streaming video is not installed on the Vista operating system by default.  If you are experiencing any difficulty with viewing the video, please download and install the Acelp.net Vista codec from http://www.voiceage.com/acelp_eval_eula.php .  Look for the "Accept and Download" button at the bottom of the page.  

Why aren't the slides changing on the "Video + Presentation" mode?

Usually, this problem is caused by 'pop-up' blocking utilities that are running on your machine.  While the Learning Institute does not participate in pop-up advertising programs, this 'pop-up' technology is the same that is required to make the slides change.  Please make sure that these pop-up blockers are disabled when taking your courses. 

Blockers may have been downloaded from various sites online (e.g., PopUp Stopper, PopUp Zapper, StopZilla, etc.).  Others may have been included with browser toolbar add-ons (e.g., Yahoo, AOL, Google, NetZero, etc.) or system security programs like Norton System Security, McAfee Security, ZoneAlarm, etc.

If you have disabled all pop-up blockers or are sure that none are installed, this problem may be due to your JavaScript setting being turned to "Off".  While this setting usually defaults to "On" in newer browsers, an "Off" setting is possible in older browsers or on those whose defaults have been manually changed.  Each browser is different.  Please refer to your browsers documentation for instructions on how to change this setting.  For IE users, this is commonly found under a "Tools" sub-menu.

For any additional questions, please refer to the Info/Pricing page or contact Technical Support.


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