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Strategic Alliances
Enhancing Your Effectiveness


A new avenue of success is being pursued by many nonprofits in the arena of strategic alliances.

In this program, Campbell and Jones explore the many different sides of the strategic alliances question, pointing out the various dos and doníts involved and focusing their attention on the trends that are leading organizations in this directions.

As the Campbell/Jones team makes its presentation, it becomes more and more evident why strategic alliances are happening. Strategic alliances are happening because strategic alliances work!

Learning Objectives

This course will enable you

  • To understand the trends that are leading organizations to develop strategic alliances
  • To explore the types of strategic alliances available to nonprofit organizations
  • To learn principles critical to the development of successful alliances

David Campbell


Richard Jones


Assistant Professor, MPA Program
Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

David is assistant professor of public administration in the College of Community and Public Affairs at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. In that role, he teaches courses in nonprofit management, public administration, policy analysis and related areas.

Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, IL

Richard provides leadership for one of the largest private human resource service agencies in the country. He recently received the Leadership in Nonprofit Management Award from the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations.

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