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Student Enrollment

Dear Learning Institute Learner,
This letter is to inform you of the end of the partnership between the Society and CPUTEC. CPUTEC has been providing the technology platform that the Learning Institute courses reside on. The Society appreciates our 9 year partnership and looks forward to a seamless transition.
Beginning July 1 you will no longer go to the www.NonprofitCourses.Org web site but a new site (http://www.snpo.org/ lino/catalog) to access your account and courses. All of your course information will be there and you will be able to activate new courses immediately or continue those you have already activated.  
The platform for the courses will look a little different but still provide you with the high quality content you are looking for when it comes to nonprofit management.
If you have registered for the Certificate and CEUs from Michigan State, rest assured the Society's partnership with MSU continues.
Should you have any questions please feel free to email Katie at Katie.snpo@gmail.com or kburnham@snpo.org.
Thank you on behalf of CPUTEC and the Society,
Jose Luis C. Barajas and Katie Burnham Laverty
Go there now Visit the new site.


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