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Mission-Based Management
More Mission For Your Money


The question is: can traditional business techniques be used effectively by nonprofits?  The answer is:  by all means!

This course focuses on the importance of “mission-based management,” i.e., using sound, proven business techniques to do more mission.  Good cash management procedures, effective marketing approaches, sound human resource practices — all add significantly to a nonprofit’s ability to “manage for mission.”

Brinckerhoff’s mastery of his subject matter, coupled with his warm and direct delivery, makes this program a beneficial learning experience for all.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable you

  • To learn how to get more out of existing resources by using standard business techniques
  • To learn the business practices of a successful nonprofit organization
  • To learn the key components of effective staff management in today’s challenging environment


Corporate Alternatives, Inc.
Union Hall, VA

Peter is a nationally recognized expert on improving the management of nonprofit organizations.  He has led seminars, workshops, and training sessions for organizations across the country.  He has been a featured speaker, has written articles for the leading publications serving the nonprofit sector, and has authored numerous books.

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