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Social Entrepreneurship
Financially Empowering Your Organization


“This is the most evil thing I’ve ever heard.”

That was some years ago. Today, the reaction to Boschee’s approach to marrying mission and money is much more positive. Now, far more people want to spend time learning how to do this rather than arguing whether or not to do it. And learn they will.

This presentation showcases Boschee’s understanding of the intricacies of social entrepreneurship, augmented by his warm and humorous delivery style. The end result is a powerful lesson in making good things happen for good organizations.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable you

  • To understand why nonprofits are adopting entrepreneurial strategies
  • To learn the critical success factors identified by pioneers in the field
  • To learn how to use a special decision-making tool to sort through everything an organization does from both a mission and earned income perspective


Executive Director
The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs
Dallas, TX

Jerr has spent the past 25 years as an advisor to social entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad. He helped start The National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, served as President and CEO from 1990 to 1999, and is now the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurs. He is a frequent writer, speaker, and trainer.

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