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Bueno Center - Promotes quality education and the value of cultural pluralism in schools through research, training and service projects.

California State University, Los Angeles - Intercultural Proficiency Credit Certificate Program - The Intercultural Proficiency Project (ICP) is a result of a collaboration among three entities: Cal State L.A. Chapter, American Humanics, Inc., the School of Health and Human Services , and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It grew out of a need to design a curriculum/co-curriculum that prepares our graduates and social sector professionals to operate in a culturally sensitive manner. The stated goal is to develop courses/programs that lead to cultural competence on both a general and a professional level, in collaboration with professionals employed in social service/youth serving agencies and local community members.

Diversity Assessment Scale - A tool to determine the degree of organizational and personal commitment to valuing and respecting diversity in the workplace.

Diversity Central - Filled with practical tools, strategies and resources for implementing diversity and cross-cultural values, the toolroom benefits diversity practitioners, executives, managers, educators and employees.

Diversity Database - The University of Maryland 's Diversity Database is sponsored by the Diversity Initiative Program, a program designed by the Office of Human Relations Programs to promote campus-wide diversity at Maryland . Includes diversity-related syllabi, a reading room (including a questionnaire which measures how people think and feel about a number of social and personal incidents and situations), and links to other college resources.

Diversity Inc.com - A commercial web site with some outstanding resources to help the for-profit sector understand the business case for diversity. The site includes a number of free resources including a daily diversity newsletter. 

Diversity Tool Kit - Libraries and their users in and outside Colorado can use the Kit site. The Kit was created to improve cultural awareness and enhance library service.

Diversophy - A Professional consulting group that assists its clients worldwide, both organizations & their people to meet the challenges of diversity & globalization through working, communicating & negotiating effectively across cultural boundaries both virtually & face-to-face. This company sells a number of training products.

EdChange: Multicultural Pavilion - Resources for educators to explore and discuss multicultural education; to facilitate opportunities for educators to work toward self-awareness and development; and to provide forums for educators to interact and collaborate toward a critical, transformative approach to multicultural education. Includes experiential activities for self-development and prejudice elimination, teaching tools, list serv, and much more!

Head2Heart - A private consulting firm that offers diversity training for nonprofit organizations.

Hispanic Business Magazine - This magazine has been a leader for more then 23 years in reaching the hispanic market. The web site contains some useful demographic information and an outstanding interactive presentation titled, "A century of Hispanic History in the U.S. "

Historical Society of Pennsylvania - HSP preserves and explores the origins, diversity, and development of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the nation as one of the great repositories of United States history, as the preeminent library of Pennsylvaniana, and as a distinguished publisher and educator.

League of Women Voters - Diversity Toolkit - An on-line publication designed to be practical, with suggested steps and examples, but also flexible enough to meet the varying needs of Leagues in different circumstances. The toolkit is comprehensive and includes many strategies that Leagues can use to address diversity. In so doing, it also can be helpful with organizational building in general, since the skills needed for building inclusion are the same skills needed to build a thriving grassroots organization.

Penn State: Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity - Penn State University's advisory body to the president in matters relating to racial and ethnic diversity.

Utah Society for Human Resource Management: Diversity - Information on diversity, including statistics provided by Salt Lake City's American Express.


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