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501(c)(3) - To Be or Not to Be? - For most fledgling organizations, the process of forming a nonprofit corporation is fraught with confusion. To help demystify these complicated procedures, attorney Anthony Mancuso has written a step-by-step guide that lays out the basic principles of nonprofit incorporation. Appeared in Summer 1996 issue of The Grantsmanship Center Magazine.

About.com - Starting a Nonprofit Organization - Covers a number of different issues involved with starting a nonprofit.  Includes help on first steps, getting started, planning, boards, raising money, etc.

BoardSource: Q & A - BoardSource provides valuable information on the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board in its Q & A section. This section includes sample job descriptions for a board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer

Foundation Center: Nonprofit Bylaws - The Foundation Center posts some outstanding information on the creation of bylaws including some links to samples.

How to Start a Nonprofit: Sample Bylaws - An excellent sample document for would-be nonprofits, by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

IRS - From the IRS - Tax Information for Charities & Other Non-Profits

Labyrinth Inc. - If you are going to solicit funds you will likely have to register in each state in which you intend to solicit funds. This useful site directs you to the registration contacts for each state. This web site also contains a list of the public disclosure statements which must appear on all solicitation materials.

MAP: Sample Articles of Incorporation - Sample Articles of Incorporation from the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits.

National Association of Secretaries of State - Includes a list of links by state for the Secretary of State. This is the office where you would typically file Articles of Incorporation for a nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit FAQ: Start-Up - The Nonprofit FAQ provides a list of frequently asked questions regarding the formation of a nonprofit organization.

Personnel Policies, Handbooks and Records - A list of valuable links maintained by Dr. Carter McNamara, MAP, St. Paul MN .

Starting A Non-Profit Organization: A Resource List - This MSU web page identifies organizations and book resources that can assist in starting a nonprofit organization.

Starting A Nonprofit Organization - Consider starting here where Dr. Carter McNamara, MAP, St. Paul MN , maintains a list of links and a logical progression of thoughts that need to be considered when starting a new organization.

Unified Registration Statement (URS) - An effort to consolidate the information and data requirements of all states that require registration of nonprofit organizations performing charitable solicitations within their jurisdictions.


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