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Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) - USDA - CSREES provides the focus to advance a global system of research, extension and higher education in the food and agricultural sciences and related environmental and human sciences to benefit people, communities, and the Nation. Also, see:

        E- Answers: E-answers is a dynamic, online, searchable resource that brings research-based information and education into your home or office -- when and where you need it. The practical, current, and unbiased information in this site represents the work of Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station professionals at Land Grant universities throughout the United States .

First Gov for Nonprofits - First Gov is the U.S. government's official web portal. Site includes governmental links of interest to nonprofit organizations.

Form 990 Web Site Project - Demonstrates the ability to store and retrieve Form 990 submissions. All sizable nonprofit organizations must submit a completed Form 990 annually. Many state governments also rely on the 990 for nonprofit financial reporting.

IRS: Information for Tax Exempt Organizations - Articles, forms, publications and FAQ's published by the IRS

Labyrinth Inc. - If you are going to solicit funds you will likely have to register in each state in which you intend to solicit funds. This usefull site directs you to the registration contacts for each state. This web site also contains a list of the public disclosure statements which must appear on all solicitation materials.

Tax Exempt Organization Tax Kit - This is a packet of federal forms and publications for tax-exempt organizations provided to you by the IRS in a number of file formats.

THOMAS - Find federal legislative information and keep tabs on congress.

Unified Registration Statement (URS) - An effort to consolidate the information and data requirements of all states that require registration of nonprofit organizations performing charitable solicitations within their jurisdictions.

WhiteHouse.gov - Official web site of the White House.


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